About us

The company started operations in 2017.

"Ukrtransmist" Limited Liability Company is one of the most well-known Ukrainian most dynamic construction companies.

The company performs a wide range of works on construction and overhaul of bridges, bridge crossings, bridges for crossing obstacles of water flows, overpasses, overpasses, viaducts.

The company has implemented the management system ISO 9001.

We hold a license from the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine for conducting economic activity on construction of objects, which by class of consequences (responsibility) belongs to objects with medium (CC2) and significant (CC3) consequences.

The number of employees is about 300 people. Of these, 50 belong to engineering and 250 to workers.


  • Construction, reconstruction and repair of bridges, overpasses, trestles, pipes

  • Installation of reinforced concrete reinforced concrete slabs and monolithic sidewalk consoles

  • Replacement of runway beams

  • Bridge liner waterproofing (Eliminator system material)

  • Installation of galvanized metal barrier and railing

  • Arrangement of deformed seams of closed type

  • Arrangement of communication elements

  • Repair and anticorrosive protection of support structures and running structure using modern technologies and materials

  • Repair and anticorrosion protection of metal structures of the span structure of the bridge with Sika Cor materials

  • Repair of reinforced concrete supports and retaining walls with Sika mono Top materials

  • Repair of bridge blade using Bruggan Multicolor terrace board made of wood-polymer composite

  • Replacement of crossbar blocks and arrangement of subfeeds

  • Bridgemaster coverage

  • Renovation of the KL-10 Lighting and Cable Lines and Communication

  • Arrangement of ASRVNS system

  • Reconstruction of consul stands

  • Replacement of rail-sleeper grille and reconstruction of tram contact line


  • NISSAN Oil & Steel Snake 2010 F41 aerial platform

  • NISSAN, Oil & Steel Scorpion 1812 F24 aerial platform

  • The unit painting Wagner PS 27

  • The unit painting Wagner SF 31

  • Device of jet cleaning of ASO-150

  • GP6000E gasoline generator, single-phase, electric starter, power KW / KVA 6 / 7.5.230-V-50Hz

  • The machine for bending of GW50 B fittings

  • The machine for bending of GW50 B fittings

  • The machine for cutting of the GQ-42 B reinforcing steel

  • MASALTA MS60-4 plate with a tank

  • MASALTA MS90-4 plate compactor

  • Cummins C38 D5 Generator

  • Generator diesel Konner KS 9100HDE-1/3 ATSR

  • Inverter welding Paton VDI-250R

  • Inverter welding Patton VDI-250R (1)

  • Inverter welding Patton VDI-250R (2)

  • Inverter welding Paton VDI-250R MMA / 250A

  • Inverter welding Paton VDI-250P, 250A

  • Inverter welding Patton VDI-250R, 250A, 6,2 kVA, 5,4kg

  • Caterpillar 432F2 wheel loader

  • The EVO GHB2065-100, 220V, 2,2 kW compressor

  • Compressor diesel mobile Atmos PDK 33

  • Compressor CPS 5.0

  • TEREX BENDINI A 300-1 crane

  • The crane is lifting on a wheel course of BENDINI TEREX A 350-1 4х4

  • Mobile Construction M50 RE Kaiser compressor

  • Drill bit DeWALT D25481K SDS-Max 1050W, 7.3 J

  • Caterpillar TH414C telescopic loader

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